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While the Melbourne Zombie Walk encourages a fun-loving atmosphere and a very unique experience, we also strongly advocate promoting and supporting charities that deal with neurological diseases, injuries, and other brain related conditions.

Since its inception, the Melbourne Zombie Walk has raised much-needed funds for Brain charities in Australia. 

Our Motto: ' Healthy Brains for Healthy Zombies '


We are proud to support and raise funds for our chosen charity, Brainwave Australia

Brainwave was founded in 1994 to provide practical support and care to children impacted by neurological conditions and their families.

Brain injury and illness change people’s lives and futures. Brainwave supports over a thousand children and their families across Australia to live their best lives.


No matter where families are in Australia, Brainwave helps them by providing holistic support in times of crisis, ongoing access to information and resources, and build meaningful social connections with and between families.


The Melbourne Zombie Walk pledges to promote and support Brainwave with their fundraising goals.​

We strongly urge our zombies to take action and support Brainwave by donating directly to them or by purchasing a ticket to the event.


It's an excellent opportunity to contribute towards a worthy cause and make a positive impact.

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